About Us

What We Do

Telconnect specializes in carrier-grade voice service targeting small-to-medium international long distance and prepaid card service providers.

 Our services are simple to order, simple to provision, and simple to manage. But we never confuse “simple” for “inferior.” In fact, premium quality is the cornerstone of our service.  

We have engineered our network using the top-notch infrastructure. We are co-located with some of the premier names in the telecom industry in New York and Los Angelos. We use the best telecom gear and carefully choose our partners and upstream providers to ensure a level of stability and quality that we can be proud of. In fact, historically, we boast a 99.999% uptime of our network.   

Quality is also embedded in our practices. We offer a 24/7 NOC with an exceptional commitment to customer service. Our billing is CLEAR and CONCISE with zero tolerance for errors.

Why Call Us Today!

We understand that we must create a compelling reason for you to use our services. We decided to offer several:

  • Premium Services – Quality is embedded in our services and processes throughout. It is not an option. It is the foundation.


  • Significant Cost Savings – most of our customers realize 20-30% savings when they switch to us. We can afford to lower our rates because our operational efficiencies reduce the margin pressure that larger carriers face.


  • Flexibility – Unlike large carriers that operate with strict rules and policies, we are small enough to accommodate your special needs. We do not require minimums, term limits, volume commitments, business case analysis, or other obstacles to getting started. We have found that we grow better if we work together.

Want to learn more?  contact us to have one of the experienced sales executive work with you.