TeL-Connect send  missed call notification to  called party , on behalf of  caller who have no balance to make call. This  service generate call back revenue for MNO

Customer Issues:

  • Zero/Low balance subscribers and offering
  • Airtime credit/ loans not in place for all subscribers.
  • 15-25 % of prepaid base currently out of airtime (fund less)
  • Operator cut-off the line for zero balance subs
  • Up to 3-5 % of total calls are not successful
  • ARPU/MOU decrease

We happy to solve

  • Transform every non-successful call/SMS between parties to native Real missed call alert
  • Zero balance call attempt
  • Busy calls/Unreachable
  • Zero balance SMS attempt
  • Automatic, and real time, like network feature
  • Highest callback rate comparing to SMS
  • Revenue increase from zero balance subscribers
  • Well accepted by subscribers
  • No changes in Network
  • Native for users